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VoIP PBXs, Datacenters, Cabling Installation, KNX
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HotelEYE Platform

Link your customers with hotel’s reception…

HotelEYE is the first real time platform, linking hotel’s customers with the reception through an app. The General Manager (GM) of the Hotel can monitor all the processes, needs and problems of the customers, while planning their solutions.


In addition, since the duties involved in the running of a hotel may be performed by any of the staff members, or by other persons hired to perform those tasks, they can easily be informed, for the corresponding task, through HotelEYE.


We really keep an “eye” to your hotel!


Why you should buy it?

HotelEYE is suitable for Bed and Breakfast, City Hotels and Resorts, offering:



Reduction in staff workload. The staff of each department is aware of the problems that its department manages. As a result, it does not deal with third-party issues, thus burdening its program.



Eliminate bureaucracy and filling forms. There is no longer the need to complete any kind of form or check list. Everything is updated via HotelEYE.



Monitoring and assignment. The General Manager (GM) of the hotel monitors the operation of its departments and assigns the work accordingly.



Save money. All of the above lead to optimizing hotel management, minimizing complaints, increasing customer satisfaction … reviews … money.


We do not need any other argument to convince you, do we?