VoIP PBXs, Datacenters, Cabling Installation, KNX, Cloud, Locks, Airbnb, Hotels
VoIP PBXs, Datacenters, Cabling Installation, KNX, Cloud, Locks, Airbnb, Hotels
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About us

We operate, since 2010, in the design, supervision and construction of telecommunication projects, infrastructures and applications.

We have the knowledge, technology and human resources to design and build telecommunication projects or facilities, with great consistency to the customer.


In addition we only work with certified suppliers, while our professional engineers have over eight years of experience in the cabling and data center industries.



We are so confident for the quality of our services that we bet not only our reputation, but also our reward!

Aggelos F. Tsianos

Electrical & Electronic Engineer

Kostas Didonis


Andrew Didonis

Mechanical Engineer

Valentina Goula

Secretarial Support

Other services …

Feel free to ask anything that you may need, regarding IT services!

Dedicated – VPS Servers

We also provide professional support services to assist and support your hosting needs. These services are provided on an hourly, yearly, or project basis.


With over 12 years of experience with LINUX/WINDOWS servers, we can provide installation, set-up and troubleshooting for your system.


Our basic system administration services include:

  • OS installation.
  • Basic system level administration new users, updates, for Windows 2003/2008, Linux.
  • Mail server setup, configuration and maintenance – postfix, sendmail, dovecot, exchange.
  • MySQL setup, configuration and maintenance.
  • Apache and general LAMP stack setup.
  • DNS setup and maintenance.
  • Backups.


Inform us about your needs and let us help you resolve any issue that you might have! We guarantee you 99% uptime!