ATKEN Techniki | Telecommunications
VoIP PBXs, Datacenters, Cabling Installation, KNX
VoIP PBXs, Datacenters, Cabling Installation, KNX
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ATKEN Telecommunications

We can and will undertake any network, telephony and datacenter installation all around Europe.

Datacenters & Cabling

You can rely on our highly qualified technicians to install your network cables and hardware, as well as carry out any kind of software setups, professionally and efficiently.

Disaster Recovery Plans

Our disaster recovery plan (DRP) is usually a documented process, which leads to full recovery and protection of a business IT infrastructure in the event of a disaster.

Managed IT

More and more businesses are enjoying benefits such as reduced costs and increased agility, just by letting us take complete responsibility for all or part of their IT services.

Connect with us

VoIP Solutions

Our products and solutions are ideal for businesses from 2 to 250 internal users.

We can install, configure, maintain or resolve any kind of issue with your pbx, remotely. We charge only 60€ per teamviewer session or visit to your place, within 100km of our offices, regardless the hours that it might require.


We also deal with …

Our professional engineers have over eight years of experience in the cabling and data center industries.


We also provide professional support services to assist and support your hosting needs. These services are provided on an hourly, yearly, or project basis. With over 12 years of experience with LINUX/WINDOWS servers, we can provide installation, set-up and troubleshooting for your system.

VoIP Telephony

We have an excellent infrastructure of telecommunication equipment, design and computational programs. The human scientific and technical staff is highly qualified with years of experience in call centers, asterisk (elastic), siemens (HiPath), nec and cisco technologies.

KNX Installations

The KNX technology has developed into the No.1 Standard for Intelligent Building Control. Just imagine that you could turn off all the lights within a building, close any open windows and lower all blinds instantly as you lock the door behind you. Cool eh? Give us a call and let us automate your life!

Some of our installations

SIEMENS, NATECH, IONIOS, BONACHERO and other leading businesses trust us. Why not you?

KNX Installations

KNX brings real benefits to designers and, above all, to building owners or users.


Gain lower operating costs, since lighting and heating are only switched on when needed. Furthermore, lighting can be controlled automatically in relation to the daylight intensity, thus maintaining a specified minimum level of brightness at each room.


The benefits are endless! Let us inform you…